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    Four-round with real-time monitoring

    The company 13 years focused on electronic products, focusing on the long-term planning and development of the electronics industry

    Strict production quality qualified

    The production process through a senior testing professionals

    Service tracking full improvement

    Passed the ISO9001: 2000 and the automotive industry standard TS16949 quality management system certification, and improve the sales network and market service system.


TireMagic---Used Freescale
solution for TPMS more than 13
years, has 20 engineers and
the wireless is very stable


TireMagic--- We have the
best TPMS development


TireMagic--- The sensor can
updata the data of tire When the
tire rolls twice. the display can be
wake up in all directions.

Energy saving

TireMagic---Solar charging,
you never need to charge
to display


TireMagic---- We used auto grade
material in TPMS products, used
the high-temperature solar panel
and battery, the life of sensor
is long.

Wide application

TireMagic---- Our TPMS be
used all car


TireMagic----Wireless signal,
easy to install


TireMagic----We design the
TPMS more than 13years',
focus on R&D and manufacturing
of automotive electronics

About Us
  Dongguan Tiremagic Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd, is a new high-tech enterprise which specializes in developing, producing and marketing TPMS products for more than 13 years. At present, we have launched tens of products into market, covered almost every vehicle types and satisfied for different markets. And with Tiremagic Brand in china. Tiremagic TPMS have offered its products to many automakers for passenger car, commercial vehicle, bus, truck engineering van in domestic and overseas market as well as developed special products as customers’ request.
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